RF85 makes bearing run 3x longer. This test was performed at Tekwell Services in Knoxville, TN. Two identical bearings were run at speeds up to 3600 rpm under a load of 400lb. Both bearings were stripped of all lube. One bearing however, was treated with RF85. The results and specs of the experiment are shown.



Check out what a top manufacturer wrote to us about the difference out treatment made to their company and how we saved them $$$!!!

“Thank you for helping Mohawk with the bearing problem on our extruder motors. Normally we would install a matched set of bearings exceeding $500.00 dollars on these motors and only getting a few months of life out of them. With the RF85 technology introduced on a standard set of bearings, we have exceeded more than a year and bearing are still performing today without failure, and a greatly reduced initial cost to Mohawk”.

Tony Edwards, Mowhawk Industries
Regional Engineer & Motor Shop Manager

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