RF85 Technology Featured on Gunblast.com!

The unmatched fiction reducing technology of RF85 is featured at Gunblast.com, a popular online gun magazine. Exerts from the article are below. CLICK HERE for the complete article.


"...What intrigued me the most and really piqued my interest is the RF-85 metal conditioning treatment applied to the Anderson rifles, allowing them to run without any liquid lubrication at all. Anyone who has ever tried to keep an AR running smoothly in a dusty or sandy environment knows the problems that can occur when blowing silt and sand enter into the action of a rifle which is coated with oil..."

"...Throughout all testing, functioning was one-hundred percent in both rifles. There were no failures or malfunctions of any kind. Every cartridge fed, fired, and ejected perfectly. No lubrication was used at all on the rifles. They started out dry, and were left dry throughout the firing of both rifles. Both rifles also concluded the tests with very little residue in the chamber and bolt area. With no lube in the rifle, there is nothing to collect and retain the firing residue, leaving the weapon much cleaner than had there been oil present. This metal treatment should be a great benefit to reliability in a harsh environment, such as the deserts in which we are now at war. If there was no oil in the rifle, it would not be nearly as prone to collecting the fine-powder-like silt that blows around and gets into every crevice in the deserts of the Middle East. I think that the US Military should look very closely at the RF-85 metal treatment, and I have heard unofficial reports that they are doing just that, but the information is classified at this time. I have seen a report from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in which they tested Anderson Manufacturing weapons that were treated with RF-85 against identical weapons that were untreated, but lubed with standard CLP lubricant. The RF-85 weapons ran cooler, faster, and slicker, indicating a lower coefficient of friction in the non-lubricated RF-85 treated weapons as compared to the normally-lubricated weapons. The RF-85 seems to be some very good stuff, and has applications for other mechanical devices as well in the performance automotive and medical fields, but as far as I can determine, Anderson is the only manufacturer using the RF-85 in any weapons that are available for civilian sales, and it seems to be very good stuff. It is not a coating, but a treatment that changes the structure of the surface of the metal, greatly reducing friction, heat, and wear..."