What is RF85?

RF85 is a Isotropic Nanotechnology designed to reduce friction. Laboratory testing showed as much as an 85% reduction in friction between moving metal parts without the use of a lubricant. The metals are treated by submersion where atoms are transferred into the metals surface making RF85 a part of the metal. Unlike coatings, RF85 will not change the size of your metal part, wear, peel or chip off like coatings. We simply add atoms which does not change the dimensions of a part.

RF85 History.

RF85 started in 2000 after 9 months of R & D to development. The inspiration for our name – RF85 – comes from the results of a Frictional Behavior Test performed by Dr. Ronald Ott at Oakridge National Laboratory where his test results saw a friction reduction of 85% on treated metal. RF (Reduced Friction) and 85 (85% friction reduction) = RF85. Our breakthrough came in 2003 from a grant program, by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to promote innovations through science allowed the RF85 to be evaluated. The positive results gave validity RF85. Sandia Labs also verified our process in 2008.

The validation from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Sandia Labs opened the door to test RF85 in potential markets like Indy Car & Motorcycle Racing, Firearms, industrial tools, components, etc. Field tests provided positive results but, some customers were skeptical because they could not see RF85 on the surface of their products. Our numerous successful applications has shaped our growth, encouraging our development into even more industries.

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