The RF85 Process

The treatment itself is a relatively simple bath immersion process which covers 100% of the exposed surface. RF85 does require some heat during the process but does not exceed 200°F. It does not affect the material characteristics of temper, hardness or tensile strength. RF85 is a treatment, not a coating, because it becomes a part of the base material, effectively eliminating any dimensional change to the part.

Untreated vs RF85 treated indicates no measurable change. Tested and verified in a six coupon uniaxial tensile test. The greater the surface area for interaction between two metal surfaces the greater the friction, regardless of the load or force. RF85 reduces the coefficient of friction by 85% when both metal surfaces are treated.

RF85 Benefits:

• Reduces friction by 85%.
• Has corrosive resistant properties.
• Extends the life of treated parts.
• Improves productivity by reducing downtime due to part failure or maintenance.
• Innovation for your customers.
• Products reliability helps to improve your market position.
• Operate injection molds WITHOUT lubricant, and bearings WITHOUT lubricant on rollouts for steel mills.

How do I know it was treated?

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