This unique treatment is proven to reduce friction by 99% and greatly extend bearing life.

Unlike other friction reducing products, this is not a coating. It is a procedure that fuses calcium molecules into the molecular fabric of the metal. Challenging environments involving heat, pressure, or friction activate the calcium causing the particles to elongate and form a protective barrier that reduces friction and lubrication requirements while substantially increasing the lifespan of the bearing – reducing downtime and operating costs. This isotropic nanotechnology treatment was shown by Oak Ridge National Laboratories to reduce friction by 99% when both pieces of metal are treated.


•Reduces metal to metal friction by 99% when both piece of the metal are treated
•ARMOR is a permanent treatment in the metal
•Fuses calcium molecules into the molecular fabric of the metal
•Heat & pressure cause the nanoparticles to elongate forming a protective shield
•Operates in temperatures up to 900º
•Significantly extend the bearing’s life
•Does not alter the dimensional tolerances of the bearing
•Increases efficiency & production
•Saves time and operation costs

RF85 Bearing Test:

•Two identical bearings stripped of all lube, one treated with RF85
•Both ran under 400 lb. loads
•Both ran at a constant 3,600 RPM
•More than 100 hours of testing
•Untreated bearing failed at the 49 minute mark & estimated temperature of >900º
•RF85 treated bearing was like new & the highest recorded temperature was 140º


Check out what a top manufacturer wrote to us about the difference out treatment made to their company and how we saved them $$$!!!

“Thank you for helping Mohawk with the bearing problem on our extruder motors. Normally we would install a matched set of bearings exceeding $500.00 dollars on these motors and only getting a few months of life out of them. With the RF85 technology introduced on a standard set of bearings, we have exceeded more than a year and bearing are still performing today without failure, and a greatly reduced initial cost to Mohawk”.

Tony Edwards, Mowhawk Industries
Regional Engineer & Motor Shop Manager

The University of Akron – College of Engineering
Testing of nano technology treated and un treated AISI 52100 steel bearings

“The nano technology treated bearings outperformed the untreated bearings significantly in the micro-pitting, and nano technology treated bearings were able to achieve more than 34% more cycles to failure than untreated bearings in the scuffing tests. In my opinion, nano technology could provide a significant benefit to the performance of rolling element bearings in many applications. Based upon our test results, it looks like you have something of value to rolling element bearings in nano technology. Congratulations.”

Gary L. Doll PH.D., F-ASM, F-STLE
Timken Professor of Surface Engineering

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